WinRest Professional™

Table Management

Efficient table management is crucial to the success of dinning operations at your establishment.  That is why WinRest Professional™ includes the fastest and easy to use Table Management functionality.  From designing your floor space to match your restaurant’s interior/exterior, to ordering and serving your patrons.

Integrated Reporting

WinRest™ integrates with Microsoft Excel®   and Adobe PDF Reader®   for maximum usability to view Inventory, EOD Reports, Sales to Cash Flow Management, Loyalty Reward programs and much more, so that everyone in the enterprise has access information to make the right decisions based on the situation at hand.

Employee Permissions

Give your IT, Kitchen, Wait staff or Accounting department access to only what you deem appropriate.  So whether you’d like to allow your staff access to voids, printing or recalling bills, or even access to certain screens, WinRest™ gives the industry’s best protection!

“Tablet-Side” Ordering

WinRest Professional™ for mobile POS solutions provided servers on-the-go a way to enter and process orders in real-time, table side.  Now the point of sale systems follow the server.  Servers no longer have to crowd around a single wired POS station.  And no more hearing the kitchen has run out of stock after taking an order – WinRest Professional™ can track stock and updates immediately

Report Automation

WinRest Professional™ keeps your team informed with programmed alerts and notifications based on a schedule that you determine.  This takes report scheduling to the next level by having the reports you scheduled automatically sent directly to your mobile device, management team, head office or anyone you deem appropriate.

Labor Management

Managing your restaurant staff is easy with the many Employee Utilities that are built right into every version of WinRest™.  From scheduling, pay, reporting, availability, eligibility, table ownership and much more, WinRest™ provides the best set of tools for effective labor management.